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It's Dieter P. Bieny's final round of repartee with e-mail spammers, and he's saved the best for last! Dieter pulls out all the stops with "The Name Game", Spammer Poetry, and the wonder that is. . . Rubby Love. Dieter bids adieu to his readers with a tender lollapalooza of secret codes, hashtags, and doctored images that will elicit tears of laughter from one eye, and tears of sadness from the other.


spamming the spammers 2 Robin Hood
spamming the spammers You've got spam! And so does everyone else. But what happens when you reply to those spam e-mails? Dieter P. Bieny finds out by engaging in humorous exchanges with real spammers. Ark After 14 years of space travel, now far past the orbit of Pluto, the crew of the spaceship Explorer has been mysteriously cut off from communication with Earth. In light of Earth’s sudden silence, something about Explorer’s mission—to find and colonize an Earth-like planet—doesn’t ring true anymore...
Prime Movements My first collection of stories – science fiction, adventure, humor, and memoir – a little bit of everything.  Glossolalia

Another collection of stories. Once again, you get sci-fi, humor, some darker, scarier stuff, and the always fun to describe “non-genre specific” stories...

Mr Dreyfus' Demons Novel. There’s a war in hell, and Fred Dreyfus has just walked into it. The question is: can he get himself out? Optimism Buy it for the poems or just for the photographs. 51 poems, each accompanied by an image (most in full color) by an array of talented photographers...

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